bangalore city

About Bangalore

  • Bangalore lies in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka. After Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore is India’s third most populated city with fastest growth in Real estate. Bangalore can be classified into five zones-North, East, West, South and Central.
  • Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka got its name from Kannada word “benda kaalu ooru” which means “boiled beans.” The story behind the name was once the king Veera Ballala of the Vijayanagara kingdom lost his way when returning from hunting and stopped at a lonely cottage. The old woman, who stayed in the cottage, offered boiled beans. King loved the hospitality of old women and grateful to her, King named the city “bende kaalu ooru” which later known Bengaluru and then to Bangalore.
  • The city got many nicknames for its outstanding lifestyles such as “garden city” for well-planned open spaces and “pensioner’s paradise” for good climate. Bangalore was titled “Silicon Valley” after the IT/ITeS industries mushroomed. However, with the boom in Bangalore real estate, the city may be losing its green cover.
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