Venkat Estates in Bangalore

Venkat Estates in Bangalore

Venkat Estates Private Limited in Bangalore

Venkat Estates Logo

Venkat Estates Private Limited is a Bangalore (India) based company with an un-compromising commitment of creating “Assets for Generations” Venkat Estates always placing the highest emphasis on location and attention to details in both design and build quality, with a passion and vision to enrich lives and communities.

Venkat Estates Vision

Venkat Estates Vision company has a vision to become one of the India’s leading home builders and to be recognized for its inspirational design, outstanding workmanship and responsible building practices.

Venkat Estates Mission

Our ethos to build beautiful homes for life is underpinned by a powerful commitment to our team of professionals who make it all happen, the regional landscape we strive to enhance and the environment that we all work so hard to protect.

Venkat Estates Social Responsibility

Venkat Estates social responsibility also extends to the communities we serve. Our programme of development and investment in affordable housing projects with forward-thinking partners is helping local residents make life-changing moves into new, stylish homes.

Venkat Windsor East is an apartment project of “Healthy Wealthy Homes” deriving the phrase from the fact that the company focus its whole effort to create homes that contribute to enhanced health for community living in the enclave.

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